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Shivani Verma

Life surely would miss some zing without the taste of curry, the hint of spices and the aroma of mouth watering food. My love for cooking has made me think over the years about sharing it with as many people as I could. It's been a joyous journey of seeing my mother and sister cook, learning from them and trying numerous recipes till I found what could make a finger licking rich and truly vegetarian Indian meal.

After a hard day's work, the best stress buster for me is to get lost in the aroma of spices, the sound of cumin and mustard seeds crackling just about to get drowned in a curry, the smell of dough being cooked into a wholesome and fluffy Indian bread. Not to forget the desserts which can make each sweet tooth so very content yet crave for more! I can't stop raving about food and so want to share the experience and joy of cooking with you. Let's make it a MEAL!

Having travelled vastly across the cuisine-rich Indian subcontinent and relishing its ever so different food of every region, I would love to share my recipes across various cuisines of the country with you.



"Shivani spent 3 hours in our home teaching the family how to make a range of curries. It was all vegetarian but a great range of dishes and flavours. Shivani packed so much into the time, and taught by demonstration, getting us stuck in and talking through ways to adapt dishes and why she was using which spices. As soon as Shivani left, the teenagers started to cook more onion bhajis, which I would see as evidence of an excellent experience."- Tory Batten

“Couldn't imagine it could be so much fun! I was famished by just going through the session, couldn't wait to eat the Spicy Indian food!”- Dam

“Amazing introduction to vegetarian Indian food and flavors- can’t wait to take my next class.”- Natalie

“What a wonderful chef, never once felt that I am being taught cooking, so thoroughly enjoyed the class. I think I should turn vegetarian!”- Alyss

“Thanks for the curry cooking class for my husband! He has always wanted to cook authentic Indian food but didn't want to go by random youtube lessons from random people. Would look forward to taking up an advanced course from Mad About Curry soon.”- Zoe

“I didn't believe that I have cooked such a scrumptious meal myself! Thanks to Mad About Curry for a great session and even more amazing tips. The spice box will soon get over if I continue cooking at this rate.”- Tamsin

“More than just a class, Shivani has inspired me to carry on learning to cook and keep trying different things. Loved Mad About Curry and of course the curry that I cooked.”- Andrew

“Curry, Breads, Desserts, I cooked it all!!! Simply loved it! We started with a one hour session but convinced Shivani to teach me even more. We ended up spending three hours and learning so much. I can host a big party now, all by myself.”- Mark

“Never realised that cooking can be so easy and so much fun. It was a stress buster for me, or shall I say that the yummy Indian food I learned to cook this weekend took away all the stress of the week.”- Jase

“Thanks to Mad About Curry for taking away the burden off our shoulders by catering for our house warming party. Shivani will surely get phone calls soon to hold cooking sessions for my friends who just loved her food.”- Mary

Event Catering

Mad About Curry enthusiastically caters to provide for parties and events.

We believe that on your special occasions, you should focus only on looking your best and spending time with your near and dear ones rather than smelling like food with tension and frown lines all over your face!
We customize menu and recipes according to your special likings and preferences, and cook food that is truly fingerlicking. Just to give you a flavour, our vegetarian Indian menu could include any or all of the below:

  •  Scrumptious starters, fritters
  •  Soups, salads and breads
  •  Main course spanning across various regional cuisines of India (Punjabi, Mughlai, South Indian, Rajasthani, Gujrati and many more)
  •  Chutneys and dips
  •  Desserts

Your party will flow with mouth watering food. The only risk being, your friends would want to dine out at your home more often!
Soaking in the true spirit of your Indian food themed party, you can even gift your dear guests spice boxes from the house of Mad About Curry, as a mark of gratitude and joy!

*For a detailed list of food options and prices, please contact me!

Feel free to e-mail or call anytime you wish to know more about us.

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